Krobo Stack Bracelets (set of 4)

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A combination of eclectic and elegant, these mixed elastic bracelet set boasts both polished brass and Krobo beads.

Krobo powder glass beads are just some of the traditional varieties of beads that are locally produced in Ghana. Made from recycled glass, Krobo beads derive their name from the fact that artisans residing in the Krobo mountains area contribute to a large quantity of the powdered glass beads production.

Beads have played an important role in traditional Krobo culture for a long time, with their uses including festivals and ceremonies such as birth, coming of age rituals, marriage and death. For instance, during the Dipo coming of age ritual, girls will typically adorn a large quantity of beads and perform special dances. Krobo beads are also adorned by African chiefs and community leaders as a symbol of status.

  • Elastic
  • Lightweight
  • 0.125" - 0.25" width; approx. 2.25" diameter
  • One size fits most

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